Welcome to theOutingGuide

Who We Are

At our core, we are a husband and wife team who love to explore this planet’s natural wonders. Along with those who join in our adventures, we seek to reveal all the majesty the natural world has to offer. To capture what we experience in a way that translates the feeling of simply being in awe of these otherworldly environments, simply existing within their magnificence.

With each trip will come stories, images, and short films that commemorate and preserve the experience in order to not only share with you, our fellow wonder-seekers, but to remind all home dwelling humans what exists beyond our city walls. A world seemingly fragile in these times of pollution, climate change, and pure neglect of the life that is given and made sustainable by this wonderfully beautiful planet. Earth. Our home and refuge from the turmoil that lies just beyond our atmosphere.

Our purpose is to share and inspire. Our passion for nature and the outdoor experience has reached a point where desire has met necessity, and thus, we have created theOutingGuide. This will serve as an outlet in which to share our experiences, and ultimately a platform where others can share stories, creating a community of those who strive to treat and experience the natural world as it deserves to be: with awe, respect, and compassion.